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Reactive Leg Guards (Set) Shockwave Black PWC Jetski Ride & Race -New Lower Price


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JTG 11418-B
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    Reactive Leg Guards


    • Lightweight, thanks to the Neoprene and Air Mesh Material
    • Built-In drain holes to keep water from bogging it down
    • Front and side impact panels constructed of 5 layers of energy dissipating materials
    • Elastic Webbing
    • Dual 38mm D-Rings
    • Designed for the sitdown rider 

    This Reactive Leg Guard set is a hybrid design used by Racers and Rec Riders everywhere.  For those who ride hard, they help protect the outer side of your lower leg from the sides of your ski.  Leg Guards are now a required protective gear item in many countries for racing.  IJSBA will be following in these footsteps soon here in U.S.   Many riders who buy these leg guards have already experienced some sort of accident involving injuries to the lower leg.  They wished they would have invested in a pair of these before that ever happened and the whole injury would have been avoided.  Make sure to get yours today to prevent injury!

    The Reactive Leg Guards are worn by Jettribe Team Riders, the Jettribe Chinese Team, the Jettribe Thai Team and more...


    Reactive Leg Guards (Set) Shockwave Black PWC Jetski Ride & Race Jet Ski Gear

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    1. Jettribe Leg Guards do its Job!

      Thank you to JetTribe for making an awesome product. This past weekend while racing at Lake Perris I had just picked up JetTribes' Shock Leg Guards, The Shock Leg Gaurd's have both leg and knee protection and at first I had been a bit apprehensive thinking they would hinder my movement as they look like something a baseball catcher would wear but, after borrowing my husbands, I found out they not only are light weight, they don't soak up water and when I get low in the tray on high speed corners my knees don't feel a thing. Nothing is worse then worrying about your own riding style when the water is choppy. In the first moto of my first race this past weekend, putting on the guards strait out of the bag 5 minutes before getting on the line- I had no idea they were about to be tested. Around the first corner at close to 70 mph I was taken off my ski by another ski, and went tumbling through the water. I felt the hit, and later saw where my ski was hit, once with me on it and once after I was off. The most damage was right where my leg was, the boat will require some fiberglass work and some plastic work up by my handlebars, my forearm still has massive bruising a week later, but my leg has only a small bruise where it got shoved into the seat, the side it was hit on- not a mark otherwise- the impact shifted the leg guard a little bit and only had a left a little scuff, it did its job. I got second in the world last year in women's runabout, and this year at the IJSBA World Finals I will be wearing my JetTribe leg guards for every practice and race I do. As a long time racer in both men's and women's classes I can tell you its not he first time I've been hit, in 23 years of racing I have had my share of being hit still have a nice - protective gear is always a must and protective gear that lets you ride your way is even better. on 16th Sep 2013

    2. “money well spent” option for any racer.

      Jettribe has designed two different types of leg protectors, one for stand-up riders and one for Runabout riders. The particular ones-JTG 11418- are specifically designed for Runabout racers. They are light weight due to the neoprene and air mesh materials. Also they feature built-in water drain holes to keep water from logging it down. The Reactive Leg Shield front and side impact panels are made of five layers of energy dissipating materials and two honeycomb polycarbonate sheets. Additionally, their construction includes EVA high density energy absorbing foam and all materials are wrapped in 1680D Ballistic nylon. You put them on by adjusting the two main straps around your leg in such a way in order to secure them in the right place without being too tight. You do the same thing on the upper strap which wraps around above the knee. This, third strap should be adjusted a little bit looser according to the rider’s needs so it will not get tighter when the knee is fully bent. During riding or practicing those Jettribe leg protectors do not move around your leg. They remain in their initial position and practically you do not feel them at all. We tested them over two months while practicing or testing Runabouts and we have been impressed with their unique design, fit and comfort. For $89.99 it is a “money well spent” option for any racer. on 28th Dec 2011

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    Jettribe PWC Jetski Racing Leg Protector

    Jettribe has really stepped up and has produced 2 new styles of leg protectors- a reactive series four runabout riders and a deflective series for standup riders.
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