Shockwave Yellow Wetsuit (Closeout) PWC Jet Ski Ride & Race Freeride

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JTG 14414-Y
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Shockwave Yellow / White Wetsuit PWC Jet Ski Ride & Race Freeride


Note: The "Shockwave" series has been discontinued. Additional sizes will not be made available.


  • 2 piece set: Long John including Jacket
  • Difference from other wetsuits - Has silicone traction in the seat area to keep you seated
  • Graphics applied by gas fusion process, so the material is soft and light to the touch without fading or cracking 
  • Race proven by the best professional watercraft racers in the world!
  • Engineered for the riders' maximum comfort
  • 3mm neoprene throughtout, 2mm sides
  • Zippered front jacket
  • Velcro closer on John shoulder
  • Seems have interlocking flat stitches to provide watertight seal
  • Great flexibility
  • This wetsuit is designed for the true PWC rider who is both in the water and in the cold air










5'8” - 5'10" (172.5cm -177.5 cm )

135 - 155 ( 61.24 kg - 70.31 kg)

36"- 38 " ( 92 cm  - 96 cm )

 29" - 31" ( 74 cm - 79cm)


 5'9" - 5'11" ( 175 cm  - 180 cm)

150 - 170 ( 68.04 kg - 77.11 kg )

38"- 40 " ( 96 cm -102 cm)

30"  - 32" ( 76 cm - 80cm)


 5'10" - 6'0" ( 177.5 cm - 183 cm )

170 - 190 ( 77.11 kg -86.18 kg)

40" - 42 "  ( 102 cm - 107 cm)

 32"- 34" ( 80 cm -84 cm)

X- Large

5'11"- 6'1" ( 180 cm - 185.5 cm)

190 - 210 ( 86.18 kg- 95.25 kg)

42" - 44 " ( 107 cm - 112 cm)

34" - 36"( 84 cm - 92 cm).


6'0" - 6'2" ( 183cm - 188 cm)

210 - 230 ( 95.25 kg -104.33 kg )

44" - 46 " ( 112 cm -  117 cm)

36" - 38" ( 92 cm - 96 cm) .

Shockwave's difference from other wetsuits - it has silicone traction in the seat area to keep you seated.  The Jettribe wetsuit john and jacket Race Suit is built, designed, and engineered for the riders’ maximum comfort, flexibility, warmth and mobility.  Our Jettribe RaceSuits are built with strategic placement of 2-3 mm neoprene panels.  The 3mm panels are for the warmth and 2mm panels are built into the high movement areas: the inner arms and legs. We spent a year field testing with our Jettribe Race Team under racing conditions. The results are features like the Jet Grip texture print placed on the inner thigh panels and legs to provide the rider with additional traction while riding. The injected silicone rubber knee pads offer grip and protection. All seams have our interlocking flat stitch to provide a watertight seal and maximum comfort against the skin.  We carefully select just the right combination of thicknesses of neoprene to retain a rider’s body heat white riding in various conditions. The wetsuit neoprene’s property is a closed, high density foam made up of thousands of tiny air bubbles known as cells. These cells provide an insulation barrier which slows down the conduction of heat, allowing the body’s heat to be retained.  Jettribe John/Jacket Race Suits are engineered with the understanding of the PWC rider’s constant movement which often over-generates body heat. For example, surf wet suits are designed for a body constantly being in the water.  While our Jettribe Wetsuit John/Jacket Race Suits are designed for the true PWC rider who is both in the water and in the cold air! We at Jettribe are proud to present the Race Suit! Enjoy Every Ride - Jettribe Family!





 Shockwave Yellow / White Wetsuit PWC Jet Ski Ride & Race Jetski Freeride

"Nice [suit]" 
"Good Quality nice [suit] very comfortable" !

"Jettribe was very helpful" 
"Sarah at Jettribe hooked me up with this awesome wetsuit over the phone and it fits perfect, being 6' 4" and 200 lbs we were skeptical if it would fit, but the X-LG fit me to a tee".


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  • 5
    Great Wetsuit

    Posted by Jim Bennett on 10th Dec 2017

    The most comfortable wetsuit on the market. When you put it on you can tell it is designed PWC riders with the extra room in the knees overall design.

  • 5
    Race Proven

    Posted by Christian D'Agostin on 21st Feb 2017

    Stepped off at 77mph and landed in rocks in 2 inches of water near Body beach!! The suit was unscathed.

  • 5
    It is produced in very small sizes and fits me perfectly

    Posted by Ildiko Vasari on 3rd Feb 2017

    I use the Shockwave wetsuit at my races since the World Finals. It is produced in very small sizes also and fits me perfectly. I have tried other wetsuits earlier which were too wide and too short and did absolutely not stretch in any direction. But with this shockwave wetsuit I am totally satisfied. With the zippers at the feet it is easy to dress up and down quickly, and the logos, writings are from a good material, so it does not tear after use. To every color you can choose the matching color of vest, back protectors and leg protectors also. I choose the red and blue, so my vest is also the same.

  • 5
    My white Jettribe suits stay white forever

    Posted by Stian Schjetlein on 3rd Feb 2017

    I must say that the wetsuit quality is absolutely superior to anything else on the market. I am not talking about the design itself, even though it is a huge positive aspect of the suit as well. I am talking about the general quality and how little it wears after rough use and loads of direct exposure to the sun, transport and riding in some of the saltiest water in the world. When I raced for other wetsuit companies in the past I needed a minimum of 3 suits a year in order to have a "non teared" wetsuit at the races. With Jettribe, they don't start tearing until you have used them for 3 years straight...When it comes to color quality, you know this is a big deal to me as I mostly ride in White wetsuits. If you look at your competitors, their wetsuits only stay white for a week or so before they turn pink or yellow. My white Jettribe suits stay white forever. I am constantly impressed with this fact. Most of my white clothes only had that one glorious moment of being white for about 8 seconds after I put it on...

  • 5
    My wardrobe is now full of Jettribe gear!

    Posted by Gyorgy Kasza on 3rd Feb 2017

    Throughout 2016 I wore my Shockwave wetsuits with the matching vests. I have blue, yellow and grey/white color wetsuits with vests so I can always decide what matches my mood the best that day. I loved these, as they are very comfortable, with flexible material, and it is just my size! Not too short or wide anywhere!