Dear Riders,


Best wishes for 2019 and ride safe from the Jettribe Family!


Jettribe is proud to have the most professional Pro Rider line in the world.  

How did we get here?

The PWC industry has really progressed over the past decade.  Sponsorship has evolved to an entirely new level and direction.  Winning on Sunday does not mean selling on Monday anymore.  Fans and consumers are more informed, savvier and connected to the industry.  Our consumers and competitors are no longer the next state over, they are global.  We have riders from over 15 different countries.

When applying to be part of the Jettribe family, please keep in mind your resume will be one of potentially hundreds of resumes that will be considered each season. Like applying for a job, you must make sure yours stands out.  We must have a good reason to consider you over other riders who may be just as qualified.  Here are some pointers to help with your application:

1.) Resume: Make sure your personal background talks about who you really are, and not about how accomplished you are as a rider. What do you do for a living off the water, why did you get started racing, and a few tidbits to show insight into who you are really are.

2.) Cover Letter: Tell us why you would be a great addition to the Jettribe Family. Talk about how you will promote Jettribe on and off the water. Tell us where you primarily ride and what you will do to promote the Jettribe brand everywhere you go. It is also very important to talk about why you want to be a part of the Jettribe race family. How will our gear help you as a rider?

3.) Photos: Please send both action and “headshot” photos. Riders who are chosen for the Jettribe Race Team will have online profiles on our website, so we need to see you are capable of providing these types of photos to us. When sending action shots, make sure they are clear and close up of just you. Sometimes professional photos are well worth the money! Headshots need to be with your helmet off, and please, no “selfies.”

4.) Social Media: A logo on your ski, or time up on the podium are just a small part of how you represent Jettribe.  Your engagement with our customers is an important step in securing a place on our team. Create both professional social media accounts, and your own personal pages for friends and family.  Include your social media usernames for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and take time to try and gain followers before you apply.

5.) Key Points to remember when submitting your resume:

a) Always use spell check.

b) Provide professional references from the PWC industry.

c) Be creative with your submission – For example, send a link to a video of you talking about how you would represent Jettribe.

d) Be polite and thankful for the opportunity, no matter what our final decision. We may not have room for you this year, but you can still work on getting on the team next season.

e) Make your application complete and clear, so we do not need to search or dig for better information.  It is better to be over prepared than not enough.  For example, we need access to both high and low resolution photos for printing and web purposes.  Also, create a sponsor logo sheet with your other sponsor’s logos in two formats, vector and bitmap.

6.) Application Deadline for next year’s season is September 15. Please submit your application before the deadline to ensure we have adequate time to review it.

Sponsorship Insights

  • Remember you are a business partner with Jettribe. How will you encourage more sales? How will you create more fans not only of you, but of the company itself?
  • You will be expected to provide “press releases” in the form of a short summary of your recent event, and some awesome photos for us to share on social media.
  • We look for loyalty and long term relationships, not riders who shop for better deals each season. Stick with brands, through good and tough times.
  • Make sure you lay out your future plans in your submission, so we know you are in it for the long haul and not just a “one season wonder” rider.
  • Your rider gear and apparel are part of your uniform.  Try and maintain a professional image with how you dress and act at events.  Your pit should not look like a yard sale on Sunday at 4pm.
  • Communication is key – Be prepared to answer our emails, take initiative to send us updates when something cool happens, and most importantly – tag us on social media!
  • Be friendly, courteous and available to the PWC race fans. They love to see your race photos online, and they are even more stoked to talk with you at events.
  • Try and be available for not just big races, but local fun rides and special events. Be available to mentor new riders as well.
  • You will not only be sponsored by us, but you will be a part of the Jettribe Race Family. We don’t want to see our riders throwing their helmets and being “that guy/girl” who is yelling at the officials at the starting line.
  • Your extended team and family cheering you on from the pits also need to maintain a professional demeanor. We don’t like to see your support team yelling at officials either.  Any protest should be done respectfully, privately and professionally with the race officials.
  • We only like to work with “cool” people. Trouble makers end up causing more headaches than a benefit to the team.
  • Our team is comprised of some of the best in the world, and some of the best upcoming stars in the industry. We hope you remember that no matter how many times you stand on the podium, you are still an equal part of our “family.”

Sponsorship Dont's

DO NOT send us a message on social media asking for sponsorship. Please follow the formal application process.

DO NOT apply for sponsorship just to get a discount, you need to be committed to the team. If you just want a discount, we usually have some holiday promotions.

DO NOT elaborate or lie in your resume. We will research your claims and follow-up with reference checks.

DO NOT share our sensitive company information on social media. When in doubt, check with us first if you want to share Jettribe news or events with your followers.

DO NOT forget you need to earn your sponsorship each season. Most riders will not be automatically renewed, especially if we have not heard from you all season.

DO NOT ask vague questions about what you can get for free. If you need certain gear beyond your contract, send a nice email with a list and an explanation why each piece is needed. Most sponsored riders get a discount, but rarely is gear given away for free.

DO NOT ask for sponsorship for your buddies, especially at race events. We are busy during those times, and although we’d love to meet your friends and get to know new riders, we can’t consider a sponsorship on the spot.

DO NOT talk bad about competitors. Similar to never bad mouthing your previous employer in an interview, it only leads us to thinking you could do the same to our company in the future.

DO NOT ask for certain sponsorship discounts because you have gotten it from some other company. Each company has different sponsorship standards that do not necessarily correlate to what we offer.

DO NOT forget the “free” goodies you may receive are not “free” to us.  We have to pay to produce it, warehouse it and ship it.

DO NOT get political on your professional social media pages, or post about last night’s raging party.  Please keep that stuff on a personal account.

DO NOT wear your Jettribe apparel to the after race social gatherings. Be conscious of what you are wearing during your after-race activities; we do want anything to reflect negatively on the Jettribe brand.

DO NOT forget to appreciate what the sponsorship is trying to do for your race career.  It is a small industry. One door opens up another.  Each person you meet and greet is a stepping stone towards your race career.  We are all hard working professionals that are extremely passionate about this sport, and plan to pass it on to the next generation.