Everything felt good. They were smooth while riding, not hard to get off or on, and very comfortable. They grip felt right while riding as well. The material is perfect specially for winter time. It really helps with the cold weather.

- Javier Cartaya

Gloves are also always needed so I have the GP-20 gloves. They help me so my hand does not slip from the handlebar and they dry quickly, so I can use the same pair of gloves for my morning and afternoon moto.

- Ildiko Vasari

I recommend one of these Jettribe wetsuit bags. Easy to carry and you can fit all your riding gear in it with no hassle.

- Luke Lucas

Love your products! These boots have been a game changer for what I do on the ski. Stand up Jet skis and yoga balls 50 ft in the air...shoot it with the pump, smash it up at 60! So much fun and a crazy workout too!

- Bryan Hays