Yamaha Waverunner Cover | XL/XLT 800/1200 (99- 04) | G4 Series

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YMH 04011-G4

Jettribe PWC Cover - G4 Stealth Series

Jettribe PWC Cover for Yamaha Models:

  • Waverunner XL 1200 Ltd (99-00)
  • XL 800 (00-01)
  • XLT 1200 (01-04)
  • XLT 800 (02-04)
Features Include:
  • UV Resistant Material to protect your ski from harmful sun damage
  • Detachable tie-downs with 1.5" webbing for easy trailering
  • Shock cord bungee along the bottom edge for a secure fit
  • 3 layers of PU backing to keep out water
  • Triple stitched seams
  • Material repels water (however, cover is not waterproof for proper ventilation)
  • Inside hood lined with soft nytex to protect from scratched paint
  • Reinforced handlebar and bow eye areas


The new G4 series includes Jettribe's proprietary formulated material, developed and improved for over 10 years. Engineered for a custom fit for each PWC model. Please review the model number carefully to make sure it is the correct fit for your ski model and year. Cover is based on original manufacturer stock sizing. Aftermarket parts may change the shape of your ski and may not allow the cover to fit properly.

Warranty Information
What Our Warranty Covers
Thank you for checking out one of the best PWC covers on the market today. Our Jettribe premium covers offer the most water resistant, water repellant and weather protection for your watercraft. Jettribe warrants our products to be free from material defects, product construction and performance flaws not attributed to normal use for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase.
A warranty term begins from the date of purchase and applies to the individual/company named on the Proof of Purchase. Should we determine a defect in the material or our workmanship has taken place within the warranty period, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the cover. We reserve the right to make the final determination on defects. Warranties are not transferable and are a limited liability to the original purchase price of the product.
If there is a fitting issue, when contacting us be sure to have the year of your craft, and the Jettribe item code (located on a tag sewn on the inside of the rear of the cover), your watercraft's hull number (located on the rear of your craft) and the model of your watercraft. We will also need to know about any external aftermarket parts like riser seats, extended handle bars, rear step ladders, wake board kits and mirrors. This will help Jettribe customer service make sure that you have bought the correct cover for your watercraft. We have over 57 styles of covers and they are all made to be an exact fit for your stock OEM watercraft. In the rare occasion where you may have received the wrong year/part number, we need to make sure that the cover you received is the correct one. For example, the SeaDoo RXT is not the same fit as the RXT-X.
What To Do
In the event of possible defect, please email us at providing us your full name, address and phone number as well as a copy of your original receipt. Also, please provide us with photographs of the item and the problem area, as this will help us in determining the issue at hand. Once your email has been received, you will be contacted within 1-3 business days with instructions on how to proceed with your return. Please review below to determine whether your claim is covered or not.
If there is a defect, Jettribe will repair or replace (at its discretion) the product free of charge including shipping of repaired/replaced item back to customer. Customer will be responsible for shipping defective product to the manufacturer. Jettribe cannot accept any packages freight collect or COD.
What Our Warranty Doesn't Cover
While our warranty programs are very generous, there are areas that are not covered. We encourage you to carefully review the things that are not covered by our warranty so you have realistic expectations of the performance of our protective covers. These include normal wear and tear from usage, weather-related damage, improper care, alteration, acts of God, misuse or abuse, as well as:
 Fading - a natural reaction to UV rays, there will be some discolorations over time.
 Staining covers may protect the watercraft from stains, but the covers themselves are not stain resistant.
 Paint Damage some finishes or re-painted surfaces may react adversely to being covered or cause discoloration to the cover.
 Overtightening - One of the most common issues with the cover is that consumers tend to over tighten our straps. It works best if there is a little play and give on the cover, especially when trailering. The straps should be pulled snug but still have enough room along the edge of the cover to slide your fist between the cover edge and the rail of your PWC. If it feels as tight as a drum, then it is too tight! Our Jettribe cover is designed for the elastic shock cord to keep your cover on snug without having to use the heavy tie downs. The tie downs are to be used when trailering at high speed or cross winds as an additional security. Please, do not over tighten. Overtightening may break the buckles or put too much strain on the seams.
 Aftermarket Parts - Our Jettribe covers are made to be an exact your stock OEM watercraft. fit cover, tailered to your watercraft. The following aftermarket modifications to your watercraft are not covered under the warranty: aftermarket aluminum handle bars, aluminum (ODI end caps) for the grips, aftermarket throttle trigger, rear step ladder, front splash guards and extended handle poles for stand up skis. We built these covers to be an exact fit to the OEM specs of each watercraft.