Hyper Tour Coat Black | Oversized Neoprene Jacket | PWC Jet Ski Gear

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JTG 19453BK
Oversized Cut:
Designed to be worn over your life jacket and vest
Wetsuit Size:
Order jacket in the same size as your wetsuit
Hoodie, pre-curved elbows, extended curved back, front pockets
Cold Weather Riding:
3.5mm keeps you warm on and off the water

Hyper Tour Coat - Black

Jettribe Tour Coats are purposely oversized to be worn over your life jacket and vest. Designed to keep you warm on the ski or between jet ski rides. No need to take off layers while wearing the coat. Pre-curved elbow joints help provide more comfort and flexibility. Order in the same size as your wetsuit.

Features Include:
  • Designed for those chilly days on or off the water
  • Made as an additional overlayer to help keep your core temperature high, primarily in your chest area
  • Protects from water splashes while on your ski and the cold, high winds when flying across the water at 80MPH
  • Oversized cut to be worn over the life vest and wetsuit
  • Pre-Curved elbow joints for added comfort and flexibility
  • Proprietary compression process makes 5mm neoprene into 3.5mm for a lighter feel and better cold protection
  • Sizing Information: Order coat in the same size as your wetsuit. Coat is oversized to fit over a wetsuit and vest

Designed To Be Worn Over Wetsuit and Vest

The oversized cut is already sized to fit over your vest. Order the same size as your wetsuit. The back has an extended cut for "no plumber's crack."